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Teen Mom 2 Accident

Well just when I thought I would get a break from writing about these people….last weeks episode was a treat. Kail and Javi were driving talking about their failing relationship and their upcoming vacation. True to form they started fighting back and forth and became distracted. Want to learn more about distracted driving take our […]

No Smoking In Cars

Did you know that in England on October 1st 2015 a new law will come into effect banning people from smoking in their own cars if they have anyone under the age of 18 as a passenger! Now I am a former smoker and I have baby. I won’t let anyone smoke around my child […]

OMG MTV You Have To Be Kidding!

So I watched episode 3 of MTV’s Teen Mom 2 (Season 6!) and they have got to be kidding. In one 2:30 minute clip there was so much to cover I am going to have to break it down into a few blogs! In a clip that has been called “The Ride From Hell” you […]

Too Many Teens The Car

The other day I put up a blog about teen drivers being more distracted than originally thought. The numbers of teen fatal car crashes are on the rise and distraction seems to be the culprit. Distraction, however, does not only come from technology it can come from inside the car! To learn more about distracted […]

Do The Stars of The Fast And The Furious 7 drive too fast in real life?

We all know the tragedy that was the death of Paul Walker, but does the rest of the cast drive fast? Some of them admit to driving recklessly. Early last week Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson side swiped a parked car in Massachusetts while he was admittedly listening to music and not paying attention. When the […]

Headphones While Driving

We talk about distracted driving all the time, especially in our online class The other day as I was driving I saw someone wearing headphones (ear-buds), and not a blue tooth for hands free phone! Did you know that there are state by state laws about wearing headphones. You may be thinking why would someone […]

Does Music Effect Driving Ability?

Can you imagine being in your car and not having any music on a long drive? I think I would lose my mind, however right now I seem to be listening to music for babies it is still music! Scientists have been researching the effects of music on driving abilities. Want to learn more about […]

Emotional Driving

Most of the time we think about road rage when we think of emotions and driving but that is not what I’m talking about here! We often think about what drinking, drugs or talking and texting can do to our driving but what about our emotional state? To learn more about how different emotional states […]

Exhausted Driving

So there I was the other day with the baby and my husband in the car driving to the farm to go strawberry picking. There was barely any traffic on the road and it was around 4:30 on a sunny Sunday afternoon. One could say picturesque, but for the fact that I was exhausted, between […]

Texting While Driving On MTV

So last night I wasn’t feeling well and decided to watch some mind numbing TV. MTV’s Teen Mom OG, for those of you who don’t know this show follows the original girls from 16 and pregnant 5 years on. What does this have to do with defensive driving, let alone driving at all you may […]

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